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The Road Course Racing Experience Packages

When you arrive at the track you will first visit registration, you will then begin a 30-45 minute orientation with one of our capable instructors. All of our instructors have significant track time and more important they have the teaching skills and experience to help you quickly get up to speed in the world of road racing. The instructor will take you through the racetrack’s nuances, the basics of road course racing and get you comfortable and ready to use your skills and the capabilities of the racecar to maximize your experience on the racetrack. There is no greater thrill in the world than taking your skills and putting them to the test in a high performance racer, we’ll get you going faster than you ever imagined in a safe controlled environment. After the classroom setting, it is on to the racetrack where you’ll be fitted for a Fire suit and Helmet which we will provide. (You can supply your own provided they meet current safety guidelines.). Then you will get into the car drive.

Mazda Miata

The undisputed King of entry level road racing cars. The power to weight ratio and balance of these racecars is perfect for someone learning the art and science of road racing.

Drive 3 Laps $199 | 5 Laps $299 | 10 Laps $599 | 20 Laps $999 

Open Wheel Formula Car

The enthusiast seeking the thrill of open-wheeled racing will love our Formula Ford style cars. These cars come in at just over 1200 pounds with the proven performance of the Ford power plant, these cars are an awesome combination of high corners speeds and great power to weight ratio.

Drive 3 Laps $299 | 5 Laps $399 | 10 Laps $799 | 20 Laps $1299 

Chevy Camaro SS

There is nothing like the power of American Muscle! The Chevy Camaro SS provides that in a chassis that is sold and predictable on the road course. Get behind the wheel of an SS and put all that power under your right foot.

Drive 3 Laps $349 | 5 Laps $499 | 10 Laps $949 | 20 Laps $1599 

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